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43 Grade Cement (PPC)

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Generally, there are three grades of cement available in the market. Cement is available in 33 grades, 43 grades, and 53 grades. The grade of cement is generally differentiated in terms of indicates the strength of cement. The strength of cement is generally measured as compressive strength.


Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) :

Portland pozzolana cement is prepared by grinding pozzolanic clinker with Portland cement. It is also produced by adding pozzolana with the addition of gypsum or calcium sulfate or by intimately and uniformly blending Portland cement and fine pozzolana.
This cement has a high resistance to various chemical attacks on concrete compared with ordinary portland cement, and thus, it is widely used. It is used in marine structures, sewage works, sewage works, and for laying concrete underwater, such as bridges, piers, dams, and mass concrete works, etc.


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